Civil Rights and Drag Races

The film I’m talking about is of course Loving. 

Based on true events, and set in the wild times of the early 1960s, Loving follows the story of interracial couple, Richard and Mildred Loving, played by Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga.

The newlywed couple find that their relationship hits a rocky start thanks to good old Virginian racism.

They find themselves arrested, and evicted from their home state under threat of incarceration.

Years later they take the fight to the state, leading to one of the most high profile civil rights cases to appear before the Supreme Court of America.

The film is a slow burn in that they definitely take their time with the 2 hours they used to tell the story.

The film was really easy to follow, drawing out all the essential details for the audience to know.

The personality difference between the two main characters was very obvious, with Negga’s Mildred being ready to do what she needs to do in order to make progress, ready to face the media and get the wheels in motion.

The only wheels Joel Edgerton’s Richard felt comfortable getting in motion where that of his car while drag racing. You could tell he didn’t exactly understand why he was in trouble, and how he could help change race law in America, but he took care of his wife as well as he could.

Negga’s performance earned her a couple academy award nominations, and they were well deserved. She played her role well, and did justice to Mildred Loving.

Joel Edgerton played upset and confused really well. I’m not sure if it was just Richard and Mildred or if it was Edgerton and Negga, but Negga definitely stole the show.

From a 2017 perspective, it’s really frustrating to see these two people who are rightly named Loving, being forced to move out of their home state away from friends and family, raising their kids in a suburban setting rather than their prefered country setting.

Overall there isn’t much to fault with this movie other than the speed at which it progressed, but I guess that’s a parallel you can draw between the movie and America; really damn slow to progress.

You can find a podcast of my review of Loving for Radio Adelaide here.


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