My 2016 In Films

Last year I saw a massive 67 films, and this is partially because I began reviewing movies for Radio Adelaide but also it began as an endeavour to watch 50 films in the cinema in one year.

I realised that maybe I saw too many films, because there are some which stuck in my mind and a lot which I just completely forgot existed.

So instead of lingering on the forgotten, I thought I’d write some quick reviews of the ones I liked in the order I saw them with some dishonorable mentions at the end.

The Hateful Eight
A long movie which just flies by as cold cowboys talk a lot. Surprisingly compelling, though a pretty typical Tarantino flick.

Really, this was just done well in terms of how the character was represented. If it wasn’t for the fact that Deadpool was portrayed right, this would otherwise be pretty average. A lot of fun though!

Eye in the Sky
A very interesting dialogue about right and wrong, and how far we can justify our actions depending on what’s at stake. Also this movie was my first date with my girlfriend so it has extra meaning to me.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
Honestly the most underated film of the decade, with people ignoring how it fits in to the DC Cinematic Universe and focussing on how it doesn’t fit what they expect a superhero film to be.

Captain America: Civil War
A lot of fun to watch, and a really interesting set-up for the future of the franchise. But really I just love Spider-Man

Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Funny and well made, Taika Waititi is a pro at New Zealand comedy. Lots of beautiful shots of New Zealand, makes you wanna go to there.

The Nice Guys
Honestly, one of the best comedies I have seen in I don’t even know how long. I always forget how great a comedic actor Ryan Gosling is, but The Nice Guys is a strong reminder.

Everybody Wants Some!!
I never expected to end up liking a film about a 1980 college baseball team, but it turned out to be a nicely told, character driven, interesting piece which you don’t need to think too hard about.

Swiss Army Man
A very hard film to describe, but unique to say the least. Somehow made a film about fart jokes and stalking some unsuspecting lady not as bad as it sounds.

Star Trek Beyond
Honestly I just love the rebooted Star Trek franchise, and this was a great finish to the trilogy. So colourful and action packed, it was hard to be bored.

Suicide Squad
Ok! I know! It wasn’t the best movie, but you’ve got to look at it as backstory for the DC Cinematic Universe. This movie was pretty much Warner Bros. taking a dive so that they could prepare the future of the franchise.

Kubo and the Two Strings
A really funny and charming story, with a really unique and beautiful animation style.

Girl Asleep
A handful of great dad-jokes, and complete with a look which could be compared to The Mighty Boosh, this film was a refreshingly original piece in perspective of what normally comes out of South Australia.

Ouija: Origin of Evil
So much fun, and especially creepy. Even though I have limited experience with horror films, this is definitely one of the better ones I’ve seen.

Doctor Strange
Inception on steroids but set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A really cool movie to see on the big screen.

An interesting narrative structure, and a style which is very typical of director Denis Villeneuve, Arrival was a new take on first-contact with alien life and I enjoyed every part of it.

Was so much better than I was expecting, and there’s a little bit of a song from The Brady Bunch in there which automatically made Trolls an instant classic for me.

La La Land
You’re lying if you say you didn’t have fun in this film. Not only do you enjoy a really beautiful film, you also end up thinking about it for ages afterwards.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
A completely different direction to a typical Star Wars movie, and I was just so impressed with how amazing the shots were.

A lot of fun to watch, and a really nice end to my year of movies.

A special mention to Don’t Breath, which has cursed me with never being able to look at a turkey baster the same way ever again.

Dishonorable mention to Sausage Party which was pretty much what I expected, but then made me sit through a food orgy at the end. Just because a joke is about sex, weed, or has swearing in it, does not mean it’s funny.


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