The Best Thing Since Donkey Kong

There is a lot to love about Kong: Skull Island: The cast, the setting, the soundtrack, the amazing CGI.

There was really not a lot to fault it on outside of the depth of the story, but to be honest anybody going to see this movie got exactly what they paid for and probably even more than they were expecting.


The story line was pretty straight forward, and all the characters seemed pretty cliché, but that worked in the film’s favour. It didn’t have to focus on explaining who these people were, the audience could already tell who they were and Kong: Skull Island could get on with the job of giving us an amazing visual experience.

Set in the 1970s, following America pulling its troops out of Vietnam, a scientific expedition to Skull Island brings mercenaries and scientists alike to explore the landscape.

Typical of the human race, when they discover a new land they immediately piss off the locals, the main pissed off local being Kong, and that’s when shit hits the fan for their little research trip.

The cinematography of this movie is incredible, which I could tell going by the trailer, but seeing it on the big screen I was amazed by just how great it all looked.

The setting is just as beautiful, with Skull Island looking like it would be an amazing place to visit if not for the incredibly dangerous monsters running around.

The filming locations were spread across Vietnam’s north in places like Vân Long and Hạ Long Bay, Oahu in Hawaii, and the Goldcoast of Australia. I don’t want to repeat myself too much but it really did look incredible.

Kong: Skull Island is definitely one that you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to see in the cinema, because it is made for the big screen experience (and also blu-ray when that time comes).


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