Highschool Drama on Steroids and a Gun Shot Victim


If you like an intense amount of teenage drama, and a murder investigation which just gets more and more mysterious as time goes on, then Riverdale is the show for you.

Now I know classifying this as a streaming show is a bit confusing, but that’s just the way it is in Australia.

Down here in the southern hemisphere we don’t have America’s fancy CW, but we have it fast-tracked here via Netflix.

And it’s just as well, because this show is addictive, and if we couldn’t stream it then you could be damn well certain it would be heavily pirated.

The show follows the lives of Archie Andrews and his friends, as they work their way through high school and all the drama that comes along with it.

Archie, which is what Riverdale is based off, is a very wholesome yet progressive series of comic books which have been around since 1942.

They always had a distinct focus on teenage drama, and Riverdale wanted to pay tribute to Archie‘s roots while also giving the story a bit more edge and grit.

They solve this with murder.

Now I’m not complaining, the murder mystery is what really pushes this show’s drama over the edge and makes you unable to ignore pressing play when a new episode appears.

There’s no way to know just yet who the murderer is, and there’s no saying if the mystery will be resolved by the end of season 1, but they keep stacking more and more drama on top and you just get sucked into the high school-ness of it all.

Despite the murder investigation going on around them, the characters still manage to overreact to the trivial things in their lives, and despite it not seeming like it should be that interesting, it somehow is.

This is a show which starts off with the murder of the high school football captain, and we spend a whole episode worrying about whether or not Archie can get over his stage fright and play in the school’s variety show.

There’s something about this show which people just can’t seem to walk away from, and it’s really hard to put a finger on what it could be.

Is it the show’s addiction to neon lighting? Maybe. Or is it what seems like a love dodecahedron? Possibly.

Whatever it is, all I know is is that I’m one of the suckers the show has hooked, and I’m on board until at least the end of this first season.



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