The End Of The Television Renaissance?

In this, the golden age of television, a little nugget of shit still manages to make it’s way through and smear its way across CBS.

I am of course talking about Young Sheldon, a prequel spin-off from The Big Bang Theory about Sheldon Cooper.

In their infinite wisdom CBS have decided that this is a great idea, and that trying to squeeze as much money out of the TBBT franchise is a safe bet.

Now personally, I gave TBBT a go when I was young and naive, but when you get the same jokes over and over to the tune of a studio laugh track recording, it’s very easy to get sick of it.

Amazingly it still gets ratings, which is why it’s continued to enjoy it’s long lived life in primetime so far.

Even re-runs of the same tired episodes rate their arse off here in Australia, so you can see why Young Sheldon is an idea which they felt comfortable running with.

I know I have never been 100% on board with whatever the public likes, and I acknowledge that TBBT is a very successful program, but I just wish it would stop.

Please, CBS… please let it die. Please give us something different…

This may be sitcom which breaks the camel’s back, and you’ll find that it’s a step too far even for die hard fans of TBBT.

I give it 2 weeks.


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