Coming Back From The Dead With Metal Hands

It’s finally here! The final part of what will soon be The Defenders!

Iron Fist is the latest installment of the Netflix/Marvel team-up projects, about martial arts expert Danny Rand, played by Finn Jones.

Following the death of his parents in a plane crash he survived, Danny returns to New York City after spending 15 years in the Himalayas learning how to punch good.

After just one episode so far, I can tell I’m going to enjoy the series.

There isn’t a heap of mystery behind his parents’ death as of yet, but the motivation isn’t clear and it seems like the series will be centred around taking down the man responsible.

This episode pretty much just set up the main players in the series who are going to have a big part over the last 12 episodes.

Danny Rand as a character seems very entertaining so far. He has an innocence to him, and he has a child like amazement to how different New York is to what he left behind in 2002.

I appreciated the fact they didn’t waste any time giving Danny the chance to show off his kung-fu, and the small taste we’ve had so far is enough to get me excited for what’s to come.

But just like with Daredevil, I get the feeling they’re gonna make me wait to see Iron Fist in his super suit.



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