Into The Belly Of The Metal Beast

I don’t know how the hell I ended up watching Ultimate Beastmaster but I did.

As I’m about to watch the Grand Final I thought I should recap my experience so far.

There is something addictive about this program, and something which just makes me not want to ever look away.

The premise is that 12 athletes per episode, provided by USA, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, and Germany, all run the gauntlet over 4 rounds through The Beast, which is a huge metal dragon looking thing which houses a very difficult and punishing obstacle course.

At this point I’m still confused as to why I’m watching it. How did I get to the point where I’m really invested in who wins a competition where muscle people run through a giant tin lizard?

Produced by Sylvester Stallone, who pops his head up every now and then, the show is all about finding the best athletes out of these 6 nations and sending them into the grand final to win $50,000 USD.

The obstacle course rarely changes, and it gets very repetitive as these athletes implement extremely similar strategies to get across The Beast.

But when you get through the first round, you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat ready to see who can make it through the even more difficult round two.

A huge part of this show is the hosts. Not only do they have the god amongst men Terry Crews hosting on behalf of America next to sports commentator and Extra co-host Charissa Thompson, but they also include two hosts for each of the countries involved.

And let me tell you, the South Korean hosts Park Kyung-lim and Seo Kyung-seok are the most entertaining part of this show. They are so incredibly passionate about the success of their country’s representatives and aren’t afraid to show it.

In the first episode, a South Korean champion ice climber is dominating the course, and I was more worried about the hosts having a heart attack than the athlete making it through to the end.

As someone who has grown incredibly bored of all sporting competitions, who knows if I’ll be interested in a second season of UBM, all I know is I’m way too into this season and I can’t wait to watch the Grand Final!

Comment below if you’ve worked out how I got so into this, because this is giving me some dissonance.



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