A Nerd, A Bear, And Some Haunted Household Items Sing Songs

Who would have thought a story about a girl falling in love with a buffalo would be so entertaining?

Well, Disney I guess seeing as it’s the second time they’ve made this movie…

Beauty and The Beast is a retelling of one of Disney’s most successful princess stories, giving it a live-action production this time around.

Starring Emma Watson as Belle, and Dan Stevens as Beast, the audience gets their money’s worth with big musical numbers and some great animation.

Now I never saw the original cartoon, so it’s hard for me to compare, but I’m just going to assume that Ewan McGreggor’s rendition of Be Our Guest shits on the original version.

It’s not really surprising that the cast was full of big names like Emma Thompson or Sir Ian McKellen, it seemed like everyone wanted to get on board with this project.


It was a lot of fun to watch, and once again Disney got their money’s worth by hiring Josh Gad to play the comedy relief sidekick.

Again, I haven’t seen the original so it’s a bit hard to compare, but this version of Beauty and The Beast seemed pretty dark for a children’s film.

I mean they bring the plague into it. That’s something the kids aren’t going to understand.

In the end though, this is a very fun film to watch and as dark as it may seem at times it does lighten the mood with a decent amount of jokes thrown in.

And if you take anything away from this film it’s that witches create overly complicated and specific punishments which are near impossible to overcome, so really we should just avoid old ladies to be safe.


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