Trapped With A Killer Space Starfish

When you watch a movie about space in the cinema, you begin to feel as isolated as the characters on screen thanks to the fact you’re sitting in a blackened room looking at a vast empty blackness on screen.

Life plays perfectly on this to create a suspense filled horror thriller which made this grown man feel very uncomfortable.

While on a mission to research newly discovered life on Mars, a team of astronauts end up running for their lives from newly discovered life on Mars.

The creature is a really creepy looking space starfish, and seems to be able to survive anything the humans can throw at it.

Really it’s easy to look at this as  either a tale of possible human extinction or a tale of how resilient life can be.

While watching it I looked at it neither of those ways, but rather I looked at it like a tale of people not doing what I was screaming at them in my head to do.

Honestly, it’s not the alien’s fault it could kill the human race. If humans didn’t keep making stupid mistakes and decisions, we’d be indestructible. After just too many dumb choices, you’ve got to wonder if the human race even deserves to survive an alien attack.

Life freaked me the f**k out, and without giving away anything about the end of the film, it doubly freaked me the f**k out.

With this movie, I recommend not going by yourself like I did because it definitely requires you to have somebody to grab hold of when things get a bit too tense.


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